Bank Account Freeze By Delhi Cyber Cell

Bank Account Freeze By Delhi Cyber Cell

Bank Account Freeze By Delhi Cyber Cell: If you live anywhere in India and your bank account has been freezed or debit freezed by Delhi Cyber Cell, then how will you unfreeze your bank account from Cyber Cell?

What documents or information are required to unfreeze bank account and what should we do if cyber cell does not unfreeze our bank account.

Today, through this blog and video, we will give you practical solutions to all your questions.

Hello friends, welcome to Online Legal Center, I, Advocate Ayush Garg, will tell you in this article how to unfreeze your bank account from Delhi Cyber Cell, so let’s know how if Delhi Cyber Cell has frozen the bank account. To be unfreezed.

First of all, we have to contact the bank and get detailed information from them that why our bank account has been frozen, which cyber cell has frozen, what is the contact details of our cyber cell, what is the complaint number, and transaction details. Due to which our bank account has been frozen.

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Now after getting all the information from the bank, contact Delhi Cyber Cell, give them all the information and submit your documents.

You can submit all this information or documents to them through mail, but many times cyber cell officials send without notice, force us to visit cyber cell, in such a situation, if you do not want to visit there, then you can send a You can take the help of a good lawyer who will go on your behalf and visit the cyber cell to unfreeze your bank account.

If cyber cell does not cooperate with your FIR and unfreeze our bank account, then we file an application under section 451 CrPC and section 457 CrPC in the concerned magistrate court with the help of our lawyer to unfreeze our bank account can do. Yes FIR we can also file Writ in State High Court. Keep in mind that if we have not done anything wrong then our bank account will be 100% unfreeze.

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